March 11, 2021

Celebrating Innovation

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Learn how one team in Thermo King Americas is innovating critical solutions for our customers and the planet.

We’re highlighting some of Trane Technologies’ brightest innovators. And the Connected Solutions Advanced Analytics and Data Operations team is making a huge impact in our Thermo King business.

The team is focused on developing analytics for customers and dealers that will provide insights to help them improve efficiency, increase uptime, reduce fuel consumption, reduce carbon emissions and minimize food waste. 

“Harnessing the power of data and connectivity is one of Thermo King’s key strategic initiatives,” said Stephanie Benson, Lead Data Scientist for Thermo King Americas Connected Products. “We are working to incorporate data, derive insights and build innovative digital solutions to help our customers be more efficient - which is not only good for our customers operations, but it’s good for the planet too.”

The analytics leverage data from individual units in a customer’s fleet to give the customer a better picture of their operations as a whole. This is done by aggregating the data and detecting key patterns over time. The customer can use these insights to adjust their operations and, ultimately, save money and reduce their environmental footprint. This work aligns well with Trane Technologies' Gigaton Challenge.

In 2020, the team successfully built and validated the system required to run massive volumes of data effectively to generate the new analytics they will be creating. The team also made a significant investment in the tools used to produce high-quality, interactive data visualizations.

The team has built both descriptive and machine learning predictive models and demonstrated several proof of concept projects with select customers.  “The response to these analytics has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Stephanie. “We are looking forward to developing these solutions at scale for all of our customers.”


Team members include:

  • Stephanie Benson, Lead Data Scientist
  • Brad Pierskalla, Data Technology Scientist
  • Eddy El Chaar, Data Scientist
  • Yousuff Lappe, Cloud and Data Architect Manager
  • Girija Parthasarathy, Lead Data Scientist - Engineering