January 12, 2021

Thermo King Technician Spotlight

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Thermo King Technician Spotlight

The trucking industry plays one of the most important roles in the transportation of goods. Each year, commercial trucks carry approximately 10.8 Billion tons of goods across the country. Whether it’s helping Americans gain access to daily necessities, keeping grocery store shelves stocked, or delivering lifesaving vaccines, these trucks are stimulating the economy with every delivery. However, in order to keep the economy moving, it’s critical to keep the trucks moving. A sidelined truck due to a maintenance issue can cause repercussions throughout the entire supply chain, which solidifies the need for skilled and dedicated technicians.

The technicians in our Independent Dealer Network are tasked to ensure fleets stay on the road and are able to make every delivery safely and efficiently. While the importance of technicians is not a secret, the trucking industry has been experiencing a shortage in maintenance technicians for a long time. Additionally, a greater concern is that as the technician shortage becomes more severe, the demand for technicians continues to rise. According to a 2020 TechForce Foundation report, demand for diesel service technicians is expected to increase by 6.6% from 2020 to 2024. Much of this demand is created through retirement and turnover, as baby boomers make up approximately 50% of technicians. While retirement does play a big role in the increasing demand for technicians, changing lifestyles and emerging technologies across the world are also relying heavily on a successful trucking industry- which is also creating new technician positions. The continued shortage has the potential to diminish trucking industry growth, which will have a direct effect on the economy.

Our technicians put extreme emphasis on service and reliability. They work hard to keep fleets on the road and to prevent future maintenance issues. Let’s meet a few of our hard-working technicians:


Thomas Stoney - Convoy Servicing

Why did you decide to become a technician? 

First, I make an above average living to support a family with job security. Second, I always had a knack for taking machines apart finding the reason it broke down and bringing it back to life gave me an inner peace and an outward joy. 

What do you enjoy most about being a technician?

Being of value and knowing that I can make a difference in people’s lives. Technicians are part of the life blood that keeps the world moving. Seeing your work move up and down the streets and interstates moving goods to the masses let’s you know that you are a big part in the everyday life of the population.

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Aaron Swann-Thermo King of Mobile

Why did you decide to become a technician? 

I chose to become a technician because I have always enjoyed working with my hands and I love the feeling of accomplishment after a job well done. While I was in trade school for diesel mechanics I had no idea what Thermo King was. I had never given much thought to how perishable food items were transported across the country without spoiling. Thankfully for me my trade school instructor knew what Thermo King was. I specifically chose to be a Thermo King technician while in trade school for diesel mechanics because it seemed like a job where I could learn a very unique set of skills that most diesel technicians do not have an opportunity to learn. I wanted to be in a specialized field that was more technical than mechanical. I wasn’t very interested in changing truck tires or pulling transmissions to replace clutches. I wanted a job that would challenge my mind and help to grow my technical skills.  I could also see the potential for growth and advancement within the business. I wanted to have a career, not just a job.

What do you enjoy most about being a technician?

The thing that I enjoy most about being a technician is having the opportunity to make a difference with every job. When we repair the unit and save the load we get to be the hero that saved the day for our customers! 


Greg Ruedeman- Thermo King Midwest

Why did you decide to become a technician? 

While growing up on a farm in the Midwest, I have been accustomed to daily hard work and always enjoyed working with my hands to perform needed repairs. When I decided to advance my career, I wanted a company that offered both training and employee advancement. With Thermo King Midwest I was able to find both.

After two years of on-the-job training I completed the "long-term" training program in 1997 at the Thermo King Training Center in Minneapolis. It was with this expert training and previous experiences I was able to become a Master certified, factory trained, on-call technician.

What do you enjoy most about being a technician?

Whether it is installing complex refrigeration systems, working with solar connectivity, helping customers monitor their global telematics systems or performing emergency service...Thermo King and their advanced dealership network have always offered a challenging and highly skilled work environment.

I have enjoyed many challenges presented to me during my past 26 years with Thermo King Midwest. Today I enjoy working with the younger technicians, guiding them, answering their questions and setting an example with customer service and quality workmanship.

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AJ Commaroto- Thermo King East

Why did you decide to become a technician? 

I knew I was not built to sit behind a desk.  My father has worked at TK East for over 45 years so I was always at the shop as a kid and knew this was the place for me.  At age 16 I had asked my father if I could go out into the shop and become a mechanic, without hesitation he said yes and next I knew I was installing units.  After a while I slowly watched and learned the senior techs so I could than become a tech.  Once I started to actively work on units it was just uphill from there and I never looked back.  Being able to bring a unit back to life is the greatest feeling.  In just the past couple of years I was promoted to Service Manager but I still get into the shop to get my hands dirty and to keep my mind sharp.

What do you enjoy most about being a technician?

I truly enjoy diagnosing and repairing units that others might look at and not want to dive into.  The older units are my absolute favorite to get into and repair.  Being able to take a unit that is having an issue and being able to diagnose it properly and repair it really is such a great feeling once its up and running properly.  I really love getting my hands dirty and learning new ways to accomplish a certain job.  Being a technician has taught me a lot from better diagnosing skills to teaching others.  I constantly get asked how to do something and after they do it they always tell me how much easier it was or that it saved them time in repairing the unit.

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