September 21, 2020

We Move Food Program Helps Hunger Relief Organization Launch Emergency Food Package Program

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We Move Food Program Helps Hungar Relief Organizaion Launch Emergency Food Package Program

The packages are delivered in Thermo King trucks with support from local labor, including furloughed food industry workers.

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and an attempt to address the triple threat of crop waste, rising food insecurity, and food industry lay-offs, a rural food hub and a local community organization joined forces to bring sustainable, locally grown food packages to households facing hunger in rural Northern New York State. 

In late March, the Hub on the Hill partnered with AdkAction to create an Emergency Food Package (EFP) program. The program is on pace to deliver 65,000 meals by October 1st; providing fresh farm ingredients and prepared meals weekly to those most in need across four rural counties. The project has also injected more than $120,000 into the local agricultural economy.

Delivery routes at the Hub have increased 20% in response to COVID-19, covering an additional 500 miles each week on top of the 2,100 traveled from the Canadian Border to NYC. In response to the project’s success and increased demand on its modest fleet, the Hub on the Hill is purchasing two new refrigerated delivery trucks. Thermo King Corporate and dealer Upstate Thermo King are sponsoring the effort through our significantly discounted We Move Food pricing. 

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