September 24, 2020

2,000w Pure Sine Wave inverter Launched

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Pure Sine Wave inverter ensures power and comfort while on the road

Thermo King has launched a new 2,000w Pure Sine Wave inverter. The inverter provides state-of-the-art Pure Sine Wave technology, which offers a more consistent current. The inverter also provides increased capacity and an extended warranty, allowing drivers to bring the comforts of home with them on the road. 

The power you want, when you need it

Inside the sleeper cab, if a driver wants to run a laptop, recharge a phone, and heat food in a microwave, all while watching TV, the type of power the inverter uses is important. Utilizing Pure Sine Wave, which is the same power in most homes, the voltage output is consistent without spikes or valleys. This is crucial when running multiple electronics and appliances at different wattages.

With the launch of the new Thermo King 2,000w Pure Sine Wave inverter, you can learn more by visiting

Additional benefits include:

•  Increased capacity for more convenience

  • Continuous 2,000w of power increases the number of hotel appliances used at one time. Drivers can comfortably play a video game while cooling off in front of a fan. At night, they have the ability to plug in a sleep apnea machine while charging a cell phone and laptop.

•  Utilizes newer technology

  • By moving away from Modified Sine Wave, the Thermo King Pure Sine Wave inverter offers a consistent power supply similar to or better than some homes. This ensures the ability to power more sensitive objects like CPAP machines, microwaves, and variable speed tools.

•  Extended coverage for the extra power

  • Giving customers more peace of mind with extra protection on the inverter, Thermo King has expanded its warranty offering to two years of coverage.

•  Includes a harness for connecting the inverter into the APU system.

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