August 24, 2020

Marine, Rail and Air Team Launches New Service App


Thermo King Marine, Rail and Air Team Launches New Service App to Ensure Cold Chain Integrity for Customers and Dealers

The new mobile app, which has already received positive feedback from customers around the world, makes service and technical information for marine products easy to access.

The Thermo King Marine, Rail and Air team has officially launched a marine service app called “TK Tek.” The app is the newest digital tool that Thermo King Marine is launching to support Thermo King marine dealers and customers globally.

The new TK Tek app makes service and technical information for Thermo King Marine products easy to access, which is vital to supporting the uptime of units and ensuring that cargo is protected and kept under proper temperature control. The new app is also aligned with our sustainability commitments, as it will enable technicians to troubleshoot faster, thus reducing food waste, and ensuring that equipment is functioning at proper levels at all times, supporting optimal energy and CO2 impact. 

“It is great to see the Global Marine team embrace the digital space with a sense of urgency and launch this app with only a few months of development work. And what is even better, is to hear the positive feedback from customers all over the world,” states Jessica Poliner, Vice President and General Manager.

TK Tek offers five different functionalities including the following:

  • Alarm Codes
    • Search of TK alarm codes
    • Recommendation to troubleshoot and resolve alarm
  • AFAM+ Settings Guide 
    • Temperature, O2/CO2, humidification settings for cargo
  • Manuals download
    • All TK products manuals
  • Dealer locator          
    • Search and contact details Marine Dealer Network
  • iService Login