July 21, 2020

Thermo King Sales & Service Invests in Future


COVID Can’t Stop Renovation in Des Moines

Despite pandemic challenges, Thermo King Sales & Service in Des Moines is focused on the future and the service they provide to customers. And they demonstrated it in a big way … namely a $3 million expansion and renovation investment in their facility and the growing market in and around the capital of Iowa.


“We had outgrown our existing facility several years ago but were landlocked until the neighboring property went up for sale in late 2018,” said Matt Greibrok, vice president of Business Development and Acquisitions. “We jumped on the opportunity to expand in order to show customers our commitment to them and continued growth. We were all excited to innovate our space and our employees were phenomenal throughout the process – even when they had to crowd together in small offices during the construction.”

Little did the dealership team know when they started the expansive project nearly one year ago, that a global virus would ensue and threaten their progress. While the crowding together in small workspaces quickly came to a halt – the dealership went to staggered workforce for a while to ensure safer distancing, the dealership team continued to move forward giving everyone hope for better days.


Now with the project completed, Matt says the dealership “is ready for the rebound.” The new Thermo King Sales & Service features four additional service bays – doubling the size of the previous building, along with an additional two acres of hard surface trailer parking, a warehouse/loading dock with cold storage and a total parts and service renovation inside that includes a brand new drivers lounge, bathroom, and lobby area. “The new counter is curved with six work stations where employees from service all the way to administration sit in a row to streamline incoming jobs and communication with each customer,” said Matt. “And the new drivers’ lounge is now on the same floor so customers can relax in nice atmosphere that includes a private restroom, TV, coffee and more.”

The additional bays are wider, bigger and dedicated to certain jobs furthering efficiencies in the service shop – one for APU and vehicle powered unit installations; one for trailer installations; one for express services, modeled by the Blue Track program; and one for trailer repairs. In addition, the remodeled parts area increases efficiencies with modular bins and a user-friendly footprint.


“We are certainly appreciating what we have – from our health, to our employees and customers, to this new space that enhances productivity and service capabilities for our loyal customer base and this established – and growing, market,” said Matt. “This investment definitely represents the future, and I think everyone is excited to move forward and for brighter days ahead!”

Thermo King Sales & Service in Des Moines is part of the Santarsiero family of dealerships that also includes locations in St. Paul, Albert Lea, Rochester and St. Cloud, Minnesota, as well as Cedar Falls, Iowa.