April 28, 2020

Thermo King Dealer Provides Refuge for Truck Drivers

Bethlehem 4-10-20 crop_332x278.png

Now more than ever, communities and businesses are depending on each other to lend a helping hand. As the economy and daily life continue to be affected by the corona virus, Thermo King dealer CSTK is going above and beyond to support truck drivers struggling under the current conditions. CSTK has set up washing, rest and restroom stations in the parking lot to make it a little easier on the truck drivers who are keeping our country going right now.

“We’re just trying to help out as much as we can,” explains CSTK East General Manager and Vice-President Jamie Cressman. “You see the news stories about drivers not being able to go to the restroom because the rest areas are closed. They can’t get anything to eat. They can’t take a shower. [...] So we’ve set up our own makeshift rest area. We put up tents, put out portable restrooms, we’ve got power cords available if they need to charge a phone or tablet, and we can even clean and sanitize the cab. Anything we can do to help.”

Shout out to CSTK for going above and beyond to support the truck drivers who are keeping our country going!