December 18, 2019

Congratulations to D&D Sexton’s Remy Braun – ATA Driver of the Year


Congratulations to D&D Sexton’s Remy Braun – ATA Driver of the Year    

“Driving a truck is more than a job. It is a lifestyle.” 

“This is my career, my life,” says Remy Braun, Missouri-based D&D Sexton driver. “I live, eat and breathe trucks … it’s what I always wanted to do and I cannot put into words how much I love driving trucks.”

And Remy does it well. A driver for almost 34 years at D&D Sexton, a long-time Thermo King customer, Remy has received his fair share of awards and accolades. His most recent selection as the American Trucking Association’s (ATA) National Truck Driver of the Year tops them all.

He’s been recognized by D&D Sexton as driver of the month and driver of the year, as well as by the Missouri Truck Association (MoTA) as driver of the month and driver of the year multiple times. He been a driver trainer since 2013, and he’s participated in MoTA truck driving competitions for 20 consecutive years – typically earning a first or second place trophy.  

“It was an honor to be one of five finalists in the entire nation for the ATA’s top award; winning it is humbling and brings me much pride”

Remy Braun

D&D Sexton driver


You can hear that pride in Remy’s voice throughout the finalist video he submitted to the ATA. The love he has for his career and the immense responsibility he holds as a professional truck driver comes through loud and clear.

Safety is paramount in all he does both before he steps into his truck and throughout the journey. With a perfect safety track record – not one accident in his career, Remy practices what he preaches. From driving clean and well-maintained equipment, being courteous to all on the road and always being ready for the unexpected.

“Out here on the highway, I must be aware of my surroundings every minute of every mile of every trip… practicing good, safe defensive driving habits and always having a willingness to learn new and better ways to keep the highway safe around me. For example, turning off my cell phone in heavy traffic, turning down my radio, checking my mirrors more regularly and always leaving a way out if something happens around me. From the moment I first got into a truck, I’ve always strived to be the best, safest driver out on the highway,” said Remy.

Proper rest is vital and Remy feels electronic logs are a good thing and that new ELD mandates will work. “I have no doubt that professional drivers with reputable companies who have proper training and education can use the ELD mandate to their advantage in keeping the highways safe and delivering freight on time. 

New spokesperson for driver recruitment?

And that of course, is what it’s all about. Remy is excited to share his love of the profession with men and women who are exploring it as an occupation. “There are so many opportunities in this industry – from long haul to short haul, pick one, go for it, and have fun!” 

Remy’s passion and love for this great industry makes it hard to comprehend why the industry is struggling to find professional truck drivers. As the ATA Truck Driver of the Year award winner, Remy has vowed to help recruitment efforts. “I plan to use this opportunity to promote this great industry that I love for as long as I can,” said Remy.


Customer D&D Sexton Focused on Safety

It’s no accident (pun intended) that a driver like Remy Braun has found his home at Carthage, Missouri-based D&D Sexton. One of the Midwest’s top refrigerated carriers, the company has always been focused on safety and quality – of its drivers and its loads. 

A long-time partner of Thermo King, D&D Sexton takes pride in its fleet, its safety record and the professional drivers that take pride in each delivery.

“Their success is no surprise – D&D Sexton is a stand-up company, great customer and proud supporter of their drivers, providing the education, training, support and equipment to keep them safe on the roads,” said Wayne Smith, CEO, Thermo King of Springfield.