Women in Engineering Day - Vinitha Nalla

June 24, 2019

What is your current role in Transport Solutions North America and EMEA?

Reliability Engineer, Center of Excellence


Where did you attend university/college?

I received my bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from JNTU in Hyderabad, India and

then my master’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University Of Colorado in Denver.


How long have you been with Ingersoll Rand, and what previous positions have you held

within the company?

I’ve been with Ingersoll Rand for seven years working as a reliability engineer. I did a special

assignment for four years as a project manager for North America quality and reliability projects.


What did you do before you joined Ingersoll Rand?

Before joining Ingersoll Rand, I was a product performance specialist at Medtronic in the Neuromodulation division. 


Why did you choose to study engineering / become an engineer?

Growing up, I learned about various engineering specialties and associated jobs from family and extended family who worked in diverse engineering disciplines. I learned how versatile engineering is, and what a cornerstone it is for technical, business and entrepreneurship careers. My middle school summers were mostly spent at STEM-based camps at my mother’s office, which gave me a hands-on understanding of problem-solving. When the time came to choose a degree, I was clear that I wanted to be in engineering.

My aim was to study abroad and be self-motivated. Talking to other engineers in the family, I understood that engineering is a discipline that can be extended and applied anywhere around the globe, and that's how I started my education and profession in engineering.


What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

1.You can have it all if you time it right.

2.It’s okay to enter the door as a “learner,” but get educated and leave as an “expert.”


How do you spend your free time?

Exercising, reading, cooking, event planning, and decoration are my top interests. Lately, I have also been attending the Society of Women Engineer events and have been finding happiness in supporting STEM activities.

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