June 18, 2019

Precedent® offers protection to perishable products during transport


As a business owner, you juggle everything from company profitability to customer satisfaction and driver retention to fleet uptime. A partner who understands the industry and your needs and can help you run a profitable business is essential.

Food safety and equipment reliability 

Refrigerated transportation is changing as consumers demand fresher food. This adds pressure on your business to deliver a fresh product in a timelier manner while ensuring its quality when it’s in your fleet.

You rely on equipment that will not only perform to your customers’ high expectations but is reliable and efficient. Thermo King has been around since 1938 and offers premium products, such as the Precedent®. Thermo King’s first priority is protecting perishable products, which is why units such as the Precedent S-600RR are factory programmed to run with tighter temperature ranges and shorter null cycle times than the competitor to ensure the safe delivery of your customers’ products.

Equipment quality and reliability concerns are taken seriously by Thermo King. They have invested heavily in the resources and technology to make capable units so you can increase asset utilization within your fleet and maximize your bottom line. With a relentless focus on quality, the warranty claims on a Precedent are at the lowest rate ever seen on Thermo King trailer platforms. 

Thermo King also strives to reduce your risk of unplanned maintenance. They understand that time is money so a Quality and Reliability Engineering team is dedicated to continuously making improvements on the products, in addition to the equipment being backed by a warranty. You can rest easy knowing your business is covered day in and day out.

Diesel Direct Electric Architecture
The Precedent platform utilizes a unique DDE (Diesel Direct Electric) architecture to drive optimum efficiencies and double-digit fuel savings across real-world applications. It’s a smarter approach, with the expressed goal of making a lasting difference in your budget. When creating Precedent, Thermo King looked at diesel-electrical and diesel-mechanical designs, and after extensive analysis, they chose the best of both. This architecture ensures minimal energy loss, maximum fuel efficiency, and unmatched reliability when compared to other solutions. For fleet owners powering their trailer refrigeration units on diesel, DDE architecture will still provide architectural efficiency.

Airflow Matters
The environment within your trailer is delicate to balance and you need a smart system that can understand the intricacies of transport refrigeration. Thermo King understands that airflow reaching the pallet in the back of the trailer is just as important as the one in the front. Every pallet must maintain constant a temperature – with increased focus on traceability in the food cold chain.

To reduce risk in your operation, you need to have the TRU with the best airflow. The Precedent unit can keep your cargo at the right temperature. Greater high-speed engine airflow can help assure complete trailer pull down and load protection. If you need better air circulation during low speed engine operation, the flexible low speed airflow options are ideal.

The only Evergreen choice
If you are concerned about being Evergreen CARB and EPA emissions compliant, the Precedent® S Series was developed for just that purpose. The S-Series is notable for what it does not have: a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). DPFs are not designed to withstand the high internal temperature within a TRU. With the added cost of maintenance, risk of breakdowns, and negative impact on engine life that a DPF brings, it was clear that a DPF was not a viable solution for units that run in California. Choose the S-Series and you’ll avoid the unknowns and risks of DPFs and can rest easy knowing that you’re running the only unit available that will be compliant nationwide for as long as you own it. “We’ve spent a lot of money through the years to stay CARB compliant and as efficient as possible so when we had the opportunity to add to our fleet in 2018, Thermo King’s Precedent S-600RR unit was a no-brainer. We knew we wanted an Evergreen solution that would be with us for the long haul,” said Christopher Brach, vice president of operations at Radiant Clipper.

A strong partner
Thermo King is a dedicated business partner who offers a wide variety of products and services that can help you deliver peace of mind to your customers by ensuring temperature-sensitive goods make it to their destinations safely and efficiently. In addition to understanding what keeps you up at night, Thermo King is a leader in the transportation industry and can help you run a more profitable business.  Learn more at