May 23, 2019

Re-using and Reducing in Ireland


​Thermo King Galway inspires by reducing water consumption by five percent

About 71 percent of the Earth's surface is water-covered. It is a vital component to our world and life, and should never be taken for granted. Thermo King Galway is doing their part by implementing a new process that re-uses wastewater previously sent off-site to help reach a plant objective to reduce overall water use by five percent over 2018.

In just two months' time, the team reached their goal and the reuse of wastewater played a key role.

"By re-using wastewater, we reduce the water quantities supplied from the local Water Department in Galway. This has resulted in financial benefits for the site, a direct impact on the sustainability goals both our business and our customers are committed to, and our ability to make a small impact in protecting one of the greatest natural resources we have in this world," said Cormac MacDonncha, Thermo King Galway operations director.

Thermo King Galway has a water reduction team and a green team on site and they collaboratively review opportunities to reduce various wastes on an ongoing basis, including water. Team members represent several departments such as Environmental Health and Safety and Production. All were instrumental in the design of the project. The water previously sent off-site for disposal is now being used in various locations. This includes bathrooms, washing of floors and testing of bunds, the structures placed under tanks to catch potential leaks and prevent water table contamination.