May 10, 2019

Celebrating Earth Day 2019


​Officially celebrated on April 22 each year, Transport Solutions' employees proved that Earth Day can – and should be –​ every day.

Colleagues around the world recognized this important day in many different and special ways, all of which were uniquely their own and showed our collective passion for sustainable practices that will leave this world a better place for future generations.

From Kolin, Czech Republic to Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and everywhere in between, our strategic business unit successfully demonstrated that small changes and efforts by all truly do make a big impact. #makingadifferencetogether

A Family Affair in Kolin

Almost 100 people – employees and families, gathered on Saturday, April 13, to plant their own tree on the facility grounds. Families chose the planting location with the most visible options reserved for the smaller children "so they can proudly watch the tree grow each time they drive down the road," explained Josef Dolezal, EHS leader, global integrated supply chain. The children also drew and hung pictures on each tree to commemorate their Earth Day efforts.

Lights out in Galway

Galway created awareness around Earth Day throughout the week of April 15-19 by sharing sustainability tips in the cafeteria; hosting a 'walk & run' lunchtime event in a local park; planting a tree; launching an upgraded gym space; and initiating a 'lights out' period of all 1,000 lights on-site from 8:30 – 11:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 20.

Linking Environment, Health & Safety in Arecibo 

Arecibo Earth Day

​The Environmental, Health & Safety Team took full advantage of Earth Day by celebrating throughout the week and incorporating health and safety training into the mix as well. "We are committed to taking care of our land and the resources it provides, the health of our employees and the safety of our work areas," said Jose Martinez-Rivera, Environmental, Health & Safety manager.​

  • ​On April 24, the team highlighted the conservation of natural resources and the care of ​the environment. Outside representatives visited and shared souvenirs with employees, including the Puerto Rican Coffee Cibales, plants, trees, reusable bags, and delicious oranges. In addition, hurricane, earthquake and tsunami preparedness information was provided to employees.

  • April 25 was dedicated to health. A personal trainer was on site to talk nutrition; an exercise class was held; health clinics were offered on disease prevention; various tests were available such as thyroid, glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure, and vision; massages and chiropractic services were provided; and information was available about organ donations, smoking addiction and mental health.

  • ​'Safety is everybody's job' was the theme on April 26. Outside companies and local police visited the plant to share information on a wide variety of safety topics ranging from personal, to animals and bees, to weather emergencies, to the workplace. The day also included a raffle for safety and security accessories and equipment, as well as a giveaway of emergency supplies.

Brussels Rethinks Waste Management

Our team in Brussels has challenged local employees to improve on recycling and waste management efforts by removing individual garbage bins and swapping them with strategically placed bins designated for paper and cardboard, cans and plastic, and general waste. The goal of the new process is to ensure proper and thoughtful recycling and garbage collection.

​Thinking Green in Minneapolis

Thermo King celebrated 'Earth Week' April 29-May 3 by offering a variety of events and activities that educated and rewarded employees for making small changes that make a difference.

The on-site Green Team:

    • Held a Trash Dive in the cafeteria to learn more about waste sorting on Wednesday.
    • Rewarded employees for using alternative transportation through carpool, bus, bike or walk with snack vouchers on Thursday.
    • Invited all employees to participate in a local park clean up and then enjoy a celebratory picnic lunch when the work was complete on Friday.
      • Handed out reusable mugs to reduce disposable cup use on Monday.
      • Sponsored an office clean-up day where employees could swap out and return excess supplies to the mailroom in order to reduce the purchase of unnecessary products on Tuesday.