April 11, 2019

Electrifying the Home Delivery Market


Thermo King partnership in Spain results in sustainable urban distribution

MOMENTUM. By definition, it is the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events. For Thermo King, momentum is the perfect descriptor of its push to an electrified portfolio. And a successful customer partnership in Spain is another example of our progress!

Thermo King has teamed up with supermarket chain Mercadona on a new, fully electric refrigerated vehicle that will deliver online orders throughout Spain. The new sustainable home delivery vehicle combines a Maxus electric truck with the Thermo King V-200 Spectrum, our multi-temperature unit capable of cooling and maintaining the set temperature levels of the vehicle's three compartments for fresh, frozen and dry products.

Mercadona chose Thermo King due to extensive experience in product innovation and leadership in developing electric and sustainable solutions. In addition, the project is aligned with its Corporate Social Responsibility Plan and Sustainable Urban Distribution Project, which is aimed at improving the air quality in cities by using vehicles that are propelled by the cleanest, most efficient fuels.

"Representatives from Mercadona visited our manufacturing facility in Barcelona, where we have been successfully working on combining our vehicle powered and full electric refrigeration units with the latest electric trucks and vans," said Eneko Fernandez, product management leader at Thermo King.

"As a result, we decided to work together to create and test this combination of clean distribution and refrigeration technologies, which brings sustainable zero-emission last mile deliveries to Mercadona's customers."

This first fully electric refrigerated vehicle in Mercadona's fleet entered operation in March 2019 and has the capacity to transport seven orders per trip direct from the company's online sales warehouse in the province of Valencia. It can access any inner city, low-emission zone and perform services in the early mornings and late at night thanks to its silent operations and zero-emission engine. 

"This project in Spain is part of our vision, where our solutions help transport foods and goods safely with zero-emission, no noise and maximum convenience for urban populations," said Pauli Johannesen, vice president and general manager for Truck, Trailer and Bus, Transport Solutions EMEA.

More to come!

Similar projects are in the works in other countries and around our strategic business unit. With each new demo vehicle, we obtain valuable operational data and voice of customer testimonials about our technology and the positive impact an electrified portfolio – with zero emissions, product temperature integrity, improved air quality, operational savings, will make in various markets.

"Thermo King is a leader in electrification in the transport climate control industry. We have the largest range of zero and low-emissions solutions in all segments of the market and we continue to invest in innovations that will help customers stay ahead of regulation, control their total cost of ownership and residual value, increase efficiency and achieve important sustainability goals," said Pauli.