April 5, 2019

BBC-TV show Inside the Factory highlights Thermo King


Thermo King’s Frederick McKinley Jones may have been inspired by a load of chickens when he pioneered the first transport refrigeration unit in 1938, but his creation has inspired an entire industry of possibilities … including a multi-billion dollar frozen pizza industry.

A recent episode of BBC's Inside the Factory highlighted this fact by featuring an Italian pizza manufacturer that produces 400,000 frozen pizzas every day.

The factory ships pizzas all over the world, and transport refrigeration is an important piece of its complicated and high-tech puzzle.

With Marshall Fleet Solutions, U.K. Thermo King dealer in Sittingbourne, Kent, as the backdrop, the program presenter shared our history from inside a maximum-length refrigerated trailer featuring our Thermo King SLXi multi-temperature trailer refrigeration unit.

The nearly five-minute segment discussed the development and growth of the cooling technology used to transport the ingredients for pizza toppings, as well as the pizzas themselves, using mobile refrigeration. The segment host introduced Fred Jones, along with how his innovative spirit and designs are still being used today in our modern, ever-evolving portfolio of refrigeration units.

BBC's Inside the Factory (Episode 2 – Series 5) aired on March 5 in the U.K.