January 16, 2019

Efficiencies Built into New Transport Refrigeration Facility


The dealership planned strategically and thoughtfully for this move, incorporating modern conveniences and amenities that improve operational flow and functionality in its brand-new Wausau-area facility in Wisconsin.

“We’ve been planning this move for some time. Our original location in Plover (Wisconsin) was dated when we first purchased it 25 years ago,” said Doug Myers, vice president Sales and Marketing at Transport Refrigeration. “Our new building is 25 miles north, in Mosinee, and puts us right in the middle of the action. This is the area where truck and trailer OEM dealers, as well as many customers are based. It simply made sense to relocate here.”

From an efficiency stand-point, it was a no-brainer. The dealership was sending mobile trucks to the Wausau area daily to cover customer needs. Now, Wausau will be the home base and a mobile service truck will domicile in Plover to provide ready-service to local customers there.


- The new facility sits on seven acres and features four 100-foot bays, which gives technicians the ability to work on a trailer and pull a truck in for a TriPac® APU repair right behind the trailer.

- The facility’s parking area is twice as large as in Plover, making it easy for truck and trailers to maneuver while also providing tightened security and fencing around the perimeter.

- A modern office area and driver lounge welcome customers while a well-designed parts area improves effi-ciencies for employees.

“We were able to design our parts area to maximize the new space,” said Doug. “The use of Vidmar cabinets take up less room yet offer better organization for parts such as gaskets and O-Rings. The handy cabinets have made a difference, and we are incorporating them into our other locations now.”

- The facility was designed to accommodate indoor parking of the vans used for parts sales routes. “Our parts sales people can drive their vans right inside next to our parts shelving,” explained Doug. “We can unload and load parts right there and the vans are warm and ready to go each day. This saves significant time – in walking through doors with multiple parts loads and in defrosting vehicles.”

- A state of the art – and OSHA-approved, fall protection system designed by Lighthouse was added to the service bays to ensure technicians stay safe and provide additional peace of mind when working from heights.

- Adding greater efficiencies and safety are two separate vehicle exhaust systems, which were installed on each end of the shop with exhaust hoods stra-tegically placed over refrigerated trailer stations.

Investing for Future Electrification

More power was brought to the building with transformers and larger breaker boxes to have expandable capabilities. The facility has 460V 3Ph , 240V 3ph, 208 3ph, 208 1ph power throughout the shop and outside of shop to run units on electric standby. “We spent the money now so that we will be prepared for future electrification needs,” said Doug.

Move to Wausau Area Celebrated in October

“We really excited about the new facility, as are our em-ployees,” said Doug. “We were proud to show it off dur-ing an Open House that we held in October.”