October 5, 2018

Transparently Reliable


Thermo King customer Braun Container Handels-GmbH is a Germany-based leasing company that prides itself in delivering collaborative service and dependable reefer technology to its clients. Helping Braun provide value-added transparency to those customers who are scattered all over Europe and across its borders, is the Thermo King MAGNUM PLUS™ reefer with innovative RMM+ telematics.

First incorporating MAGNUM PLUS into its leasing fleet in 2012, Braun today owns nearly 100 of the industry-leading container reefers as well as 10 Thermo King SG Series gensets, the most advanced genset platform available today. “We have always been satisfied with Thermo King products, including parts and service, so we are continually adding pieces to our inventory,” says Hannes Braun, owner.

Braun’s most recent addition includes RMM+ telematics, which offer remote monitoring and management capabilities of the reefer. The company began testing the technology in the summer of 2013 and was soon equipping its MAGNUM PLUS reefer fleet with RMM+.

RMM+ allows on-board monitoring through satellite or cellular links, reefer to reefer communication, remote unit manning and software upgrades through remote servers, depending on the controller model and communication package selected.

“From our point of view, the product has many advantages,” explains Braun. “Among the most important is full transparency within the cooling chain and improved utilization of our container fleet, as well as the minimization of unexpected events such as container tampering, theft, container diversion or holdups during transit.

“However, the most essential benefit of all for us is that we usually do not have to dispatch a service engineer if something does go wrong with the reefer. Due to the data we receive with RMM+, we can solve issues easily over the phone, saving us money and effort. And if an engineer is needed, we can better prepare in advance to ensure resolution upon arrival.”

Even Smarter

Braun has also begun incorporating Thermo King’s SMART-PTI into its MAGNUM PLUS reefers to offer further service advantages. An advanced pre-trip inspection operation made possible through the MP-4000 controller, SMART-PTI can save operators $200+ per year, per reefer by allowing a full PTI anytime or anywhere the reefer is operating – empty or loaded.

Introduced in late 2012, SMART-PTI events are logged automatically. While the MAGNUM PLUS is operating, unit performance is being monitored and the results are stored in the controller memory. When the SMART-PTI is completed, the results are shown on the controller display. A simple visual check of the display will determine if the container has passed inspection or needs further checks.

Control = Better Service

With RMM+ and SMART-PTI software, Braun maintains control over the reefer at all times. The company manages the data received, providing necessary information to the customer. “This means that we know if something goes wrong before the client, allowing us to spring to action quickly and efficiently,” says Braun. “It is a distinct service advantage we can offer because of RMM+. Our customers do not have to worry about the product they lease from us. They invest in the beginning, and we take care of the equipment monitoring. It’s total peace of mind.”

With the positive customer response and demand for this capability, Braun has begun incorporating RMM+ into its non-Thermo King reefers as well.

Family owned and operated since 1983, Braun Container Handels-GmbH focuses on the leasing of refrigerated container units to shipping companies with the customer promise of flexibility, reliability and great service. Learn more at www.bchu.de.


Customer: Braun Container Handels-GmbH