March 25, 2018

Thermo King Celebrates 80th Anniversary with Innovation


Thermo King Corporation is proud of its heritage and reputation for leading the Transport Refrigeration industry with technological innovations that offer meaningful customer solutions. Commemorating our 80th year in 2018, we felt there was no better way to celebrate than launching two new innovative products into the marketplace that provide real value, and transcend customer profiles – from the owner-operator to large fleets.

Our all-electric TriPac® Envidia™ auxiliary power unit (APU) delivers the longest run-time in the industry, without tractor startup, and offers unmatched driver comfort, essentially re-defining battery-powered APU capabilities. Not only does the TriPac Envidia provide the reliability and steadfast performance that has been lacking in the electric APU category, it also helps customers meet environmental and sustainability commitments by running clean without idling the tractor diesel engine. This also contributes to significantly lower noise levels, and minimal maintenance requirements.

The TriPac Envidia combats several common customer pain points, including driver turn-over rates -- drivers can count on the amenities that make life on the road more homelike; Operational expenses – the new all-electric APU was engineered to deliver the fuel and maintenance-cost savings associated with reduced engine operation; and return on investment – residual values of the tractor are maintained due to reduced engine idling. In addition, the TriPac Envidia meets anti-idle and anti-emission regulations nationwide, and is a significant milestone for Thermo King. This emission-free technology reaffirms our commitment to sustainability through innovation while meeting the growing industry trend around electrification.

The Connected Precedent® trailer refrigeration unit was engineered to further deliver on Thermo King’s commitment to increase fleet efficiency and uptime. New in 2018, our Precedent units are conveniently connected from the factory with Thermo King’s asset management system TracKing®. This gives fleets time- and money-savings for installation and the option to enable TracKing remotely to gain access to vital, fleet optimizing data, when they are ready, and answers another growing trend in the industry – connected assets.

This intelligent reefer puts customers in the driver’s seat when it comes to remote connectivity of their refrigerated fleets. Once activated, the Connected Precedent allows easy monitoring and analyzing of refrigerated operations to ensure temperature compliance and maximum uptime — without taking assets off of the road.

With in-cab and in-yard access via the Thermo King Reefer mobile app using Bluetooth, drivers manage cargo temperatures, monitor the reefer and respond to alerts all within the cab or through their Smartphone. Similarly, in-yard access makes it even easier to prepare reefers for trips ensuring that they are fueled and alarm-free, saving time and increasing efficiency. This remote connectivity, coupled with best-in-class mobile apps, allows fleet managers to transform their operations by optimizing their fleets, making them more predictable and traceable.

These transformative products are indicative of Thermo King’s steadfast commitment to our customers and to innovating, improving and streamlining the Transport Industry.