September 15, 2014

Samskip Multimodal Chooses Thermo King for Sustainable Growth


European multimodal transport company Samskip Multimodal offers transport and related services by land, sea and rail, focusing on cost efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly transport. The company’s latest selection of Thermo King MAGNUM PLUS™ container reefers supports these efforts perfectly.

Samskip ordered 140 new 45 foot pallet-wide reefers in 2013, taking delivery of the final batch in March of 2014 at the Rotterdam Shortsea Terminal. Manufactured in China, the new Samskip Coolboxx reefer container fleet with MAGNUM PLUS offers an improved design with lower tare weight, high performance and an environmentally friendlier solution than other models. According to Samskip, these were the main reasons Thermo King was chosen.

“In our business, lowering tare weight is critical as it further increases payload capacity, a main customer concern,” said Danny De Koning, technical manager. “Tare weight on the new Samskip Coolboxx reefers was reduced by 230 kilograms, and these containers offer the same 33 pallet capacity as conventional 45 foot containers.”

In addition, the insulation material used is 100 percent non-CFC (Cyclopentane), in line with Samskip’s environment-conscious business standards.

According to Samskip, the improvements on the new Coolboxx reefers are focused on expanding its network while offering an even more sustainable and cost-effective solution to its customers.

“It’s about enhanced assurance for our customers’ temperature-controlled goods and perishables,” said De Koning. “The high cooling capacity of the MAGNUM PLUS, and the integration of Thermo King’s RMM+ telematics technology that provides reefer tracking and tracing are an important factor in providing that assurance.”

The proven MAGNUM PLUS reefer is designed for long distance transport of any commodity from fresh perishables to deep frozen with -35 C capabilities. This offers Samskip exponential flexibility when scheduling the variety of temperature-sensitive and perishable products it hauls, which includes fruit and vegetables, plants, frozen and chilled foods, sweets, and pharmaceuticals.

The Samskip Coolboxx reefer fleet is being utilized throughout Samskip’s Pan-European network, from the United Kingdom to Eastern Europe and from Scandinavia to Iberia and Turkey. With its main short sea hub located in Rotterdam, and its rail hub in Duisburg, Samskip, the company is able to utilize both short sea and rail to best fit customer needs and budget.

Samskip, which consciously sources the most cost-effective, sustainable solutions into its equipment fleet, operates one of Europe's largest multimodal container logistics systems. The Samskip system is able to move containers door-to-door between over 30 countries. The company now has more than 13,000 containers ranging from 20 foot to 45 foot pallet-wide high cube containers including reefers, curtain-siders and flat-racks. Learn more at


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