March 1, 2014

One Year Later: SG-4000 Continues to Roll Down the Line!


October marks the one year mass production anniversary of the SG-4000 genset, Thermo King’s next-generation genset technology. A true success story, the SG-4000 genset development was driven by regulatory changes but transformed into a brand new, innovative architecture that re-defined efficiency and sustainability for the industry.


Delivering best-in-class performance and lowest overall cost of ownership, the SG-4000 is the only genset solution on the market that complies with the world’s most stringent emission regulations: the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier IV and California Air Resources Board (CARB). And it does it without the need for additional components.

“Thermo King chose the more difficult path when developing the new genset line,” said Gulsah Metinoz, portfolio manager, Thermo King Marine Solutions. “We did what was right for the industry and our customers, creating a completely new genset product that would satisfy the strict regulatory requirements from Day 1.”


Enhanced serviceability was another key factor in the design of the SG-4000.

“In addition to pure compliance, we wanted to ensure both ease of operation and peace of mind that lasts throughout the life of the unit for our customers,” said Arlo Eslinger, director of global services, Thermo King Marine Solutions. “The SG-4000 offers longer maintenance intervals and no compliance checks, which translate into less complex fleet operation and more uptime for our customers.”


The SG-4000 has indeed resonated with customers as seen by the success in commercialization since its introduction.

“We have received positive feedback from customers all across the globe and the volume of gensets being commissioned in the U.S. is evidence that this new technology is being adopted by major shipping lines and cargo owners,” said Mike Stark, North America sales director, Thermo King Marine Solutions.


Celebrating Success

Employees of Thermo King’s Wujiang, China facility, where the SG-4000 is manufactured, took time to celebrate the production anniversary of the genset.

“This was one of those significant milestones that Thermo King should celebrate,” said Mark Tu, focus factory manager. “The SG-4000 product line is the result of an inspiring, global team effort!”

Mass production commeration (Oct 2013)