March 1, 2014

Get Smarter for Free!


Thermo King SMART-PTI for MAGNUM PLUS™ is a simple software tool that reduces maintenance costs and reefer down-time expense while it enables more efficient maintenance planning. And it’s completely automatic and transparent to normal reefer operation.

While this should be reason enough to give it a try, Thermo King will give you one more. You can trial SMART-PTI for FREE.


Set Up a Free Trial

A 180-day trial version of SMART-PTI is available for all customers using the current MP4000 controller software on MAGNUM PLUS™ reefers who want to see for themselves just how this advanced, automatic reefer pre-trip inspection works.

Simply make sure the latest revision is loaded and turn on ‘Smart-PTI Trial’ in the MP4000 configuration ‘unit’ menu. Program ‘Smart-PTI Maximum Age’ to select PTI duration and the feature will be activated.  The trial period will automatically terminate after 180 days. It’s that easy!


How Smart-PTI Works

SMART-PTI automatically monitors and collects data on individual component performance during normal reefer operation and defrost cycles. When the cycle is complete, the results are stored in the MAGNUM PLUS controller memory and a ‘Smart-PTI Pass Flag’ is logged.  A timer is automatically started to determine the next cycle start.  SMART-PTI status can be consulted, remotely, via Thermo King telematics options or on-site—at any stage of the inspection process.

There is no need for additional off-line operations and unnecessary energy consumption; all checks are performed during normal reefer operation. There are no manual hours that need to be planned or logged. The PTI is automatic; the system data is recorded and available for download when needed.

Contact your Thermo King sales or service representative if you have questions, need training or want to add SMART-PTI to your MP4000 software permanently!