January 20, 2014

Small Price, Big Assurance


Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference. Thermo King’s plastic seals designed to protect refrigerant ports on its reefers are one of them.

A very small item that has been on Thermo King’s extensive ‘options’ list for reefers and gensets for several years, the plastic seals are designed to help avoid refrigerant contamination and tampering by sealing the refrigerant system service ports within the reefer. Once the seals are in place, the ports cannot be accessed without breaking the seals, offering customers assurance of refrigerant integrity and safety.

“We began offering the seals to provide peace of mind to the value chain after a string of refrigerant tampering crimes garnered industry attention and resulted in injury to unsuspecting technicians,” explained Per Hellup, service manager for Thermo King marine. “While Thermo King reefers, with R-404A refrigerant, were unaffected, we began providing the plastic seals as an option for those customers who wanted the added security measure in place.”


How it works

The seal is fitted on a refrigeration system service connection so users can easily identify if the system suffered any tampering.

The benefits of the seals are twofold.  One, customers can rest assure that they are safe when working on the system.  And two, customers realize a cost savings. If seal is unbroken, they know the original refrigerant charge is good and they do not have to undergo expensive testing to verify that the refrigerant is safe or uncompromised.

The plastic seals are an inexpensive option (less than $5!) that can be added onto any MAGNUM PLUS™ order or they can be added later to confirm system integrity after a repair.

Contact your Thermo King representative to learn more.