A complete lineup of cooling and heating solutions for trailers that offers more choices, greater efficiency and precise temperature control.

Choose Your Trailer Application



A complete line of units for long haul and delivery applications.


Multiple temperature zones to haul fresh and frozen loads together.


Dependable freeze protection for temperature-sensative cargo.

Photo of a Precedent unit on a trailer on a city street corner.

Urban Distribution with SLXi Local

One quiet, light weight package that has been optimized to deliver in both the PUP and full length trailer urban food distribution markets.

Photo of a Precedent unit on a trailer on a city street corner.

An extensive portfolio for cold chain transportation

Our trailer portfolio is the culmination of decades of product innovations designed to help enhance fleet efficiencies. Whether you haul dairy products, fresh produce, frozen meat, or pharmaceuticals, we have the solution for any application.

Photo of a Precedent unit on a trailer on a city street corner.

Reduce Risk in Food Transportation

Whether your business is home delivery or long haul, safely transporting refrigerated goods is a high priority. Take action now to mitigate risk in your cold chain by following food safety guidelines.


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Photo of a Precedent unit on a trailer on a city street corner.

Precedent® Single-Temp

Do your business a favor and choose Precedent for superior temperature control, double-digit fuel savings and enhanced durability. The Precedent lineup includes the certified CARB Evergreen S-600 and S-700.

Photo of a Heat King unit on a trailer.

Heat King® 450 Series

Dependable freeze protection for temperature-sensitive cargo. The Heat King 450 Series are the highest capacity dedicated transport heaters available in the market today.

Photo of three multi-temp Precedent units on trailers.

Precedent® Multi-Temp

Our Precedent line of multi-temp units uses the technology that has made Precedent the premier transport refrigeration platform in the industry and optimizes it for food distribution. We have the right choice for your business.

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