Vital expertise for pharmaceutical transport and storage solutions.

Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Portable Pharma Coolers and Ultra-Cold Storage

With the rise of temporary cold storage needs for pharmaceuticals and extra capacity in hospital environments, Thermo King’s Cold Storage Solutions offer safe, effective, flexible and mobile storage at temperatures between -70°C to +40°C.

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Dependable cold chain temperature-controlled transportation

Protect patient safety by maintaining optimal temperatures for maximum product integrity throughout the pharma cold chain.


Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

Temperature controlled containers for the air cargo industry

Recognizing the critical need for reliable temperature-controlled airfreight solutions for safe transportation of vaccines and pharmaceuticals, we are ready to meet the increasing shipping needs of the healthcare and aviation industries.


Thermo King Temperature Management - ConnectedSuite

According to the WHO, almost 20% of temperature-sensitive health care products are damaged in transport due to a broken cold chain. Our solutions can help double the number of days that dry ice is effective, increasing the amount of time pharmaceuticals can be safely in transit.


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