Thermo King offers an entire product line, which includes refrigerated reefers that protect fresh, deep frozen and other high value cargo; a low emission, durable generator set range and innovative air management products.

Photo of a line of Magnum units on shipping containers.

Magnum Plus

MAGNUM PLUS sets the industry standard for efficiency, performance, operability and reliability. Featuring the MP-4000 controller and efficient scroll compressor, MAGNUM PLUS delivers an industry-low -40C set point, fast pull down and the tightest temperature control available.

Photo of a container ship on the ocean.

Innovation that Crosses Oceans

Thermo King launched the first commercial container refrigeration unit in 1956 and never looked back. With an entrepreneurial and innovative approach, Thermo King provides an industry-leading product range and a global network of trained dealers that allow consumers around the world to enjoy fresh and frozen foods, year-round.