E-200: all-electric transport refrigeration

This full-electric refrigeration unit for small and medium-size vans and trucks helps put sustainability at the heart of your operation.

A truck load of new capabilities

Turning the potential of electric into easy-to-use, intelligent, and precise temperature control.

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Redefining What’s Possible With All-Electric Refrigeration

With a unique mix of control, convenience, utilization, and reliability, the E-200 is the ideal all-electric solution for electric and engine-powered trucks. Introduce it into your fleet, and you’ll be able to confidently meet current and future sustainability targets throughout the cold chain.

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Capabilities That Give You The Edge

The E-200 features a host of innovations that are helping transform transport refrigeration.

  • Convenience as standard. With no road compressor or drive kit, all the major components are fully integrated.
  • Smarter form of power. Intelligent power source optimization to give you increased uptime and improved maintenance intervals.
  • Capacity you can rely on. The enhanced controller helps deliver constant capacity independent of the vehicle RPM.
  • Connectivity at its finest. Capable of communicating with the vehicle to enhance power management.

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Extend the benefits delivered by the E-200 with telematics

Monitor and control your fleet assets to ensure everything from temperature traceability to FSMA compliance. These are capabilities that help you manage load integrity, cargo traceability, and more. Add in Bluetooth connectivity and proactive notifications and you can rest assured that any problem can be quickly identified and addressed.

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Sustainability Commitments

Clean, zero emission technologies like the E-200 is aligned with Trane Technologies 2030 sustainability commitment to reduce customer carbon footprint by one gigaton of CO2e through the heating, ventilation, HVAC and transport refrigeration products and services. 

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