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The Thermo King Bus Air Conditioning Maintenance Training Simulator is a fully operational and functioning air conditioning system that comes complete with a Thermo King Model T Series rear mount air conditioning unit, X430 compressor & clutch assembly with 150 amp, 27Vdc batteryless alternator which is belt driven by a 460 VAC/3 phase 20 horsepower electric motor and batteries. This is all mounted on a moveable stand for use by transit authority maintenance training departments for their bus air conditioning maintenance training purposes. The Model T Series air conditioning unit includes Thermo King's latest design IntelligAIRE II microprocessor based electronic controller with diagnostic capabilities.

Contact your local Thermo King Dealer or the Bus Air Conditioning Department at Thermo King Corporation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Note: when ordering or writing specifications, the transit authority must specify the TK A/C unit model, type of electric fan motors and refrigerant utilized in their particular bus application or new bus procurement.

TK Simulator Stand TK Part No: 718070 TK T Series A/C Unit (must specify model)


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