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The Full Service is a Thermo Gard™ Programme offered by Thermo King Total Kare for all Thermo King temperature control units.
 Full Services

Your Needs + TK² Advantages = Your Benefits
    Do you need?
    1. One stop shopping
    2. Simplest administration and accounting
    3. Predictable costs and cash flows
    4. No risk
    5. Higher residual value
    6. Improved uptime
    7. Fleet management

    We offer:
    1. A network of over 300 dealer workshops
    2. 1000 to 3000 Hrs/Yr, 3 to 6 Yrs duration
    3. A 24/365 assistance and authorisation process
    4. Fixed price per month, all costs consolidated
    5. Maintenance done by network of certified professional (CERTI-TECH program)
    6. Pro-active fleet management

    Your benefits will be:
    1. Pre-agreed costs and cash flows
    2. A large network of qualified Thermo King dealers
    3. Immediate assistance and credit
    4. A simple consolidated invoice for all your service costs
      (1 monthly invoice for all dealer costs, 1 currency, 1 VAT) and detailed reports
    5. Improved uptime thru preventative maintenance
    6. Less need for emergency service
    7. Reduced life cycle costs
    8. Better strategic information
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