Thermo King's New SB Units with SR-2 Controllers

SB-110 SB-210
SB-310 SR-2 Controller

Thermo King introduces a higher standard in load protection, temperature control accuracy and ease of use: the SB-210 and SB-310 trailer units. Featuring the new Smart Reefer 2™ (SR-2) controller as standard, these units were engineered after years of customer input to improve readability and performance.

"The SB-210 and SB-310 refrigeration units take quality and reliability to a new level," said Doug Lenz, Thermo King product manager, trailer and rail. "We work very hard to understand our customers' businesses and the commitments they have with their own customers. According to our customers, their primary concerns are protecting the load, on-time delivery performance and minimizing operating costs. The SB-210 and SB-310 were designed to meet these customer requirements by making improvements to the overall temperature control system."

Design techniques such as FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) were used to evaluate potential improvement areas and optimize every design element – from the temperature control sensors, to the wiring, to the software, to the operator interface with the microprocessor controller, to the microprocessor controller itself. For example:

  • Temperature control sensors: Two additional sensors were added for enhanced temperature accuracy and improved load protection.
  • Wiring: All temperature control sensors were directly wired for improved system integrity.
  • Operator interface: The simple-to-use, ergonomically designed controller prevents operator strain with a lower keypad and features the industry's largest temperature display for easy viewing.
  • Microprocessor controller: Solid-state electronics further enhance Smart Reefer™ technologies.
  • Software: The FreshSet™ feature optimizes unit operation for fresh produce range. In addition improvements have been made to the temperature control logic. Potential problem diagnosis and self-adjustment is now possible – before the load is affected.

"The end result is that the entire temperature control system has been raised to a higher standard of quality and performance," continued Lenz, "providing our customers with greater peace of mind and helping their businesses run smoother."

SR-2 Controller
The SB-210 and SB-310 are the first in the SB series of units to feature the new SR-2 controller, a controller that exemplifies the latest technological designs to ensure more consistency, reliability and temperature-control accuracy throughout the trip. "Customers wanted simplicity," said Brian Meagher, Thermo King global product manager, electronics. "The SR-2 features the industry's largest temperature display making it easier to read from any distance and any light condition. The new design is angled downward to reduce glare, and the keypad has been lowered to provide improved accessibility. In addition, the SR-2 speaks our customers' language. Drivers instantly understand the status and setup of their valuable cargo."

Additional features available in the SR-2 include integrated service and cargo loggers, audible set-point notification, diesel/electric auto switching, and programmable hour meters. The controller was designed to protect loads by simplifying the user interface and employing the latest technology. For example, the SR-2 is equipped with FreshSet™, which reduces product shrinkage, prevents top freezing and extends the shelf life of fresh produce and other temperature-sensitive products. The keypad can be locked to prevent tampering, and a "mode-lock" prevents accidental selection of the wrong set point or mode of operation. An automated diesel/electric auto-switching feature continues protecting cargo even if the electric supply is interrupted (for units equipped with electric standby). Audible and visible warnings alert the operator of potential problems. "Companies with high driver turnover will really appreciate the simplicity," said Lenz.

Unique to the industry, the SR-2 features ServiceWatch™, a precise, built-in data recorder, as a standard feature. From the time cargo is loaded until its final destination, the SR-2 can log the history of the trip, and it has programmable maintenance intervals. In addition, the SR-2 features the optional CargoWatch™ system, which provides temperature and system data for customers' HACCP plans. CargoWatch is specifically designed as an independent temperature logger for load verification, simplifying the start-of-trip process and providing "only" cargo data, similar to any independent recording system in the market today.

Additional Features
Standard on the SB-210 and SB-310 units are EMI-3000 (3,000 hour maintenance intervals), low-noise technology and easy service access – all supported by the largest dealer network in the industry. In addition, these units come with new factory options for R:COM®, i-Box® and Trac-King™ – providing customers with more robust, cost-effective data capture, management and communication systems.

All units, with the new SR-2 controller, will be available for customer shipments beginning in first quarter, 2004.