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Thermo King Unveils New Customer-Driven Solutions at IAA

Thermo King introduced innovative new products and solutions at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany, responding to customer needs by driving energy and operational efficiency while providing precise, low-noise temperature control.


New solutions introduced by Thermo King, a manufacturer of transport temperature control solutions for a variety of mobile applications and a brand of Ingersoll Rand, included the SLXe trailer refrigeration units, the T-500R single-temperature nose-mount refrigeration unit, an innovative cryogenics concept unit, new additions to its V-Series Spectrum units, zero emissions trailer units, and cutting-edge Athenia™ bus air conditioning modules.


New Solutions for Truck and Trailer Showcased by Thermo King at IAA Include:


SLXe Trailer Refrigeration Units

Thermo King introduced the new SLXe range of trailer refrigeration units, providing even greater energy and operational efficiency, driver comfort and minimized operating costs. While the SLX was already the most fuel efficient solution in the category, the majority of SLXe multi-temperature models now offer the electronic throttling valve (ETV) technology previously only available on the single-temperature version of the SLX unit. ETV technology makes the multi-temperature models 8 percent more fuel efficient. They also offer 7 percent greater refrigeration capacity.


The redesigned solution also has innovative features that ease installation, ensure reliable performance and optimize efficient cargo flow and data management. This includes fleet tracking capabilities and the ability to retrieve diagnostics using a thumb drive. The SLXe is one of the industry's first units to offer dual-mode cellular/WiFi monitoring capabilities and provides the only telematics device that is factory installed and supported.


T-500R Single Temperature Nose-mount Refrigeration Unit


Thermo King has extended its class-leading T-Series platform of self-powered truck temperature control systems by adding the T-500R single-temperature nose-mount refrigeration unit. A mini-sized unit that delivers maximum performance, the T-500R meets industry needs for a lighter-weight unit with greater fuel efficiency, increased capacity, a lower lifecycle cost and greater sustainability in truck boxes less than 5.5 metres long.


The unit consumes up to 12 percent less fuel, while significantly lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and provides a 27 percent increase in operating efficiency at fresh Agreement for Perishable Transport (ATP) conditions. The standard T-500R has been designed to achieve up to a 55 percent reduction in noise levels over previous models without any loss of cooling performance. These solutions are ideal for urban distribution and dairy transport customers operating smaller trucks.


Innovative Cryogenics Concept Unit


Thermo King also showcased upcoming developments on its innovative CryoTech transport refrigeration system with a next generation concept unit. The concept unit expands on the available range of proven solutions and patented cooling technology by further increasing efficiency, lowering maintenance costs and reducing environmental impact. Featuring the new Thermo King SR-3 controller, the industry�s most advanced controller, the CryoTech concept unit provides extremely fine single and multi-temperature control of up to three zones, improving temperature control up to 50 percent.


Thermo King Corporation, a business unit of diversified industrial firm Ingersoll Rand Company Limited, was founded in 1938 and manufactures transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers and railway cars. The company operates 10 manufacturing facilities and 17 parts distribution centers worldwide. Sales and service is provided by a global dealer network of 865 independently owned companies in 75 countries.


Joan Schimml, Ingersoll Rand
Joan Schimml