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NAVESUR S.A. Becomes One of Thermo King's Most Recent Genset Customers

Belgium (April 26, 2010) - Guayaquil, Ecuador-based NAVESUR S.A. became one of Thermo King's newest customers in late 2009 when the company added 20 Thermo King SGCO-3000 clip-on genset units to its fleet. "We are happy with the genset's performance and fuel savings," said Jose Antonio Gomes, CEO of NAVESUR. "These gensets are, by far, the best in the industry."


The SGCO-3000 clip-on genset is part of Thermo King's SG-3000 Genset Series, which provide a high-efficiency, low emission, reliable source of electric power for refrigerated containers. The clip-on unit has become the industry standard for streamlined dimensions and serviceability. It is designed for quick-mount operations to containers corner castings and optimized aerodynamics. It can fit any frontal clip-on application.


NAVESUR was looking for new technology to reduce fuel consumption and costs on maintenance and repair. "We were really impressed with the genset's EcoPower PLUS fuel saving technology as it reduces our operational costs," continued Gomes. "The gensets are also easy to maintain. We can check the condition of the equipment via the SG+ controller; in fact, we can secure the proper condition of the unit before releasing it to a new service within three minutes. We couldn’t ask for more efficiency in this equipment."


The SG+ controller is the only electronic microprocessor controller in the genset industry and combines the latest electronics to sense not only the type of reefer it is powering, but also its mode of operation without compromising cargo care. In addition, due to its extreme fuel savings, less CO2 is released into the atmosphere - a win-win for operators like NAVESUR.


Training is an important component of new equipment purchases to NAVESUR. Thermo King service support professionals conducted a training course for NAVESUR personnel recently to ensure the proper operation and use of the new gensets. "Providing the appropriate training is an important part of any equipment sale," said Gino Ansaldi, sales director and service manager for Thermo King. "We want our customers to be successful, and we want our equipment to run as efficiently as possible. To ensure both, we provide the training necessary that will provide operators peace of mind and confidence. It also helps us build a partnership with new and existing customers that will carry us far into the future."


NAVESUR S.A., agent of Interocean Lines Inc., has operated since 1992 and handles import and export transport from ports in Port Everglades-Estados Unidos, Panama, Buenaventura, Guayaquil, Callao, and Peru. More information on NAVESUR can be found at


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