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BioStorage Technologies, Inc. and PACE Airfreight Team Up with Thermo King

Osiris is the name given to a new, unique transportation system designed to handle often priceless biomaterials and pharmaceuticals for industry-leading, Indianapolis-based BioStorage Technologies, Inc. (BST). While many know OSIRIS to be the Greek God of the afterlife, in this case, it is actually the BST acronym for Overland Sample Inventory Relocation and Intelligent Shipping™. OSIRIS is the brainchild of a collaborative effort between BST, PACE Airfreight (PACE) of Plainfield, Indiana and a team of transport industry specialists including Mike Frewer of Thermo King of Indiana. The vehicle represents an innovative approach to sample management logistics.


The nearly 18 month project began when BST engaged PACE as the partner and expert of choice to develop such a progressive service. PACE president, Robert Pfeffer, contacted Frewer to review and participate in a special project – one that would result in the development of a truly unique and ‘state-of-the-art’ system to transport biomaterials and pharmaceuticals in a manner compliant with FDA 21CFR11 regulations. “We were looking to expand our suite of offerings for relocation services and the concept of OSIRIS seemed to be a perfect fit for the unmet needs in the market. After the concept was developed and expectations were clear, we turned to PACE as the clear choice for such a daunting task,” commented Lori Ball, senior vice president of BST.


“Essentially, we wanted to replicate a secure, climate-controlled storage facility,” explained Pfeffer. “The technology and security levels needed were beyond expectations. OSIRIS needed to protect and move temperature-sensitive biomaterials quickly and safely. There is no room for error with loads of this nature as they could consist of anything from a professor’s lifelong research to samples that could be the next major disease cure to things beyond the non-scientific imagination.”


The Team and Technology

Pfeffer was charged with utilizing his expertise and industry partners to translate the OSIRIS concept into a ground breaking logistics vehicle. The industry specialists assembled to create OSIRIS include Great Dane Trailers LLC, which designed and built the trailer, and AERO Industries, which designed and fabricated several custom boxes and cabinets required to contain specialized components. Additional partners are Buckeye Power Systems, which installed two Kohler generators that provide 120V and 240V AC power to specific loads, such as clinical freezers and cryogenic storage vessels, as well as several IT components; and Apache Systems, which furnished and installed a multi-camera surveillance system and other BST-specified telemetry components.


Thermo King of Indiana, furnished and installed the SPECTRUM™ SB multi-temperature trailer refrigeration system and under-mount DAS-equipped UT-1200X refrigeration units, all with SmartPower™ electric standby and complete with three separate TracKing Cellular systems. The dealership also provided an EON Power Pack with lift gate charging system, Triple Combo Light Bar, and several other peripheral systems.


OSIRIS includes separate batteries, which Pfeffer specified to be Thermo King’s EON AGM due to durability and superior performance. In addition, there are two specially-designed divider bulkheads by FG Products that ensure the maintenance of required zonal temperature separation.


“The technology that went into this trailer is well beyond what most anyone imagined,” said Frewer. “There are various security elements and temperature validation systems employed that are highly confidential due to the nature of BST’s loads. It’s been a privilege to work on a project like this.” This one-of-a-kind trailer is pulled with a new Volvo tractor equipped with several additional cameras and a Thermo King TriPac™ APU with CARB-approved DPF installed for additional operator comfort and idle reduction. In fact, OSIRIS is totally ‘green.’ It can enter a facility and run on all shore power.


“This trailer is monitored 24-7 when in use,” said Pfeffer. “Whether it’s being loaded, unloaded or is in transit, data is constantly being transmitted to the driver, to BST and to PACE. Redundancies are built in throughout for the ‘just in case’ scenarios … There are even extra freezers on-board.”


“In addition to substantial ‘IQ-OQ-PQ’ validation, trailer mapping and NIST testing are all a part of the critical compliance requirements for the FDA and various other agencies and organizations. Maintaining a highly secure, finite temperature sensitive capability and highly efficient methodology to this process is paramount to our overall mission of transporting these delicate and very high value products to their ultimate destinations,” continued Pfeffer.


Creating OSIRIS took months of meetings, extensive collaborative design work by all team members and passionate dedication. “Once I learned of the expectations and requirements from BST, I began the process by contacting Mike Frewer and Thermo King because I knew they could provide the dependable refrigeration and tracking technology, and the vast dealer network for 24-7 support,” said Pfeffer.


“In addition, Mike has been a crucial partner to PACE on many technical applications. I knew he would be instrumental in the design and completion of OSIRIS.”


OSIRIS was delivered to BST in January of 2010. The unit has already completed substantial product movements and is proven as a much needed service in this very specialized industry.


”The demand for OSIRIS was clear and is now a proven success,” concluded Ball.


“BioStorage is the standard setter in the sample management industry, and OSIRIS allows us to continue to build upon our reputation as the leader in sample relocation services. We have gained momentum with clients and have entered into new accounts because of OSIRIS. We were impressed by the expertise that was applied to our project and could not be more pleased with our partnership with PACE Airfreight. They clearly engaged the right professionals to attack the challenges and exceeded our expectations.”


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Thermo King Corporation, a business unit of diversified industrial firm Ingersoll Rand Company Limited, was founded in 1938 and manufactures transport temperature control systems for a variety of mobile applications, including trailers, truck bodies, buses, shipboard containers and railway cars. The company operates 10 manufacturing facilities and 17 parts distribution centers worldwide. Sales and service is provided by a global dealer network of 865 independently owned companies in 75 countries.


Joan Schimml, Ingersoll Rand
Joan Schimml