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ASKO Increases Operational and Energy Efficiency with Innovative Transport Solution

-- Thermo King presented ASKO with first European "Energy Efficiency Leader Award" --


(Oslo, Norway), 23 June 2011 - Earlier this month, Thermo King recognized leaders at ASKO, Norway's largest wholesaler, for operationally and energy efficient transport solutions expected to provide 90 percent lower noise emissions and a 60 percent faster pull down.


ASKO trucks and trailers have been fitted with patented CryoTech refrigerated transport units from Thermo King. The units incorporate recycled R-744 refrigerant in an exclusive open loop system to achieve a significant reduction in emissions and to improve performance compared to diesel-driven units. These transport solutions are nearly carbon dioxide (CO2) neutral and they produce no diesel emissions.


ASKO recently fitted 200 trucks and trailers in their fleet with these environmentally aware solutions. The trucks and trailers are used to transport deep-freeze and fresh cargo. ASKO will include these solutions on all new trucks and trailers added to its fleet.


These solutions will also help ASKO achieve its company-wide sustainability goals. These goals include increasing energy efficiency by at least 20 percent by 2014 and reducing CO2 emissions by 50 percent per cubic meter of transported goods by 2014.


Because of their commitment to environmental responsibility, leaders at ASKO received the first-ever European Thermo King "Energy Efficiency Leader Award" for the energy and operational efficiency of their transport refrigeration fleet.


Details of the award presentation:

Johan Van Maercke, vice president of transport solutions for Thermo King, presented the award to Torbjørn Johannson, chief executive officer of ASKO.

The awards presentation was at 9 a.m. on June 14, at ASKO headquarters in Oslo.


"These solutions help us achieve our goal of ensuring that we have incorporated the most environmentally conscious systems available," said Torbjørn Johannson, chief executive officer of ASKO. "We are committed to doing our part to keep Norway and Europe green - and it's even better that we are able to increase operational and energy efficiency at the same time."


Conversion Process Follows Successful Pilot Test
ASKO leaders conducted a two-year pilot test from 2006 to 2008 to evaluate the performance of a small number of CryoTech refrigerated transport units for trucks, drawbar trailers and semi-trailers installed by Thermo King's local dealer in Norway, Thermo King Norge AS. The pilot was successful so they began a phase-in process, adding CryoTech units as they renewed their fleet.


About the Refrigerated Transport Units
The CryoTech unit is a multi-temperature unit designed for the most demanding retail and distribution operations. It can handle up to three independent zones. The CryoTech refrigeration units provide market-leading low noise, substantially exceeding the demanding PIEK low-noise standard.


The faster pull-down time allows the operator to begin transport without requiring up to two hours advance cooling, ensuring that the cold chain remains continuous even with a large number of stops to deliver cargo.


Because of the unique nature of the technology, including the lack of a condenser coil, the unit's capacity does not change with ambient temperature. Similarly, the lack of a diesel-driven engine ensures that the unit


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Joan Schimml, Ingersoll Rand 
Joan Schimml